#55 Trolley Man

Troy sees Sam Smith, Def Leppard & Rick Price and avoids the Melbourne stabbing. There’s new internet sensation, Trolley Man. Are GoFundMe pages good or bad? Are online petitions a waste of time? Dubai Police get Hover Bikes. And there’s awesome kinky advice.

#042 Be The Llama

How bad are the missing tapes? A zombie runs a marathon. People can’t park properly. Troy’s a fake Leftie. Is it Parma or Parmi? We name the new Mars Rover. Does Troy have a secret child? Nerds get angry. Sean Connery’s a bad Russian. And … be the Llama!

#011 Wonderfuss

Boxing Day has nothing to do with boxing. Singer Sam Smith was once Simon Smith. You heard it here first! LAST JEDI SPOILERS AHEAD. Star Wars fans turn to the dark side. Chewbacca’s mum is a Chernobyl ewok. Kylo Ren pulls out on his mum. Troy tells the best joke ever … maybe!

#010 Christmas Special

We remember Aussie movie, The Castle. Troy shares thirteen things that shit  him about Christmas. Joe discovers creepy John Denver Christmas song called ‘Please, Daddy’. What’s the biggest Christmas movie? Are Furbies just Gremlins? Did South Park creators rip off the South Road Boys idea?

#009 Hashtag#Hashtag

Flat-Earthers are flat-out stupid. Pop back to the 80s with Stock, Aitken, Waterman. The doctor tells Troy a lie about what’s to come. Joe finds a pimple-popper on Craigslist. There’s the insane Brutal Black Project, eye tattooing, and don’t forget about cinema etiquette and Star Wars.