#155 Rumpology

Joe turns into a one-shot wonder then stacks a bike. Coles stops being a “super” market. It’s a HUGE Celebrity Deadpool week. Joe nearly worked for Van Halen. Can you tell the future by looking at someone’s butt? The famous Steakhouse or Gay Bar quiz is back!

#144 Drunk Buying

A Roadie finds a mistake. Joe has an anniversary. There’s Celebrity Deadpool controversy! And get ready for the SRB Loot Crate with VIP memberships, Circumcision Kits, Poo Knives, Panda Suits, Dead Skin Pendants, a recorded Message from Merle, and much more!

#140 Deadpool Trade Period

The big moment has arrived. Welcome to the first ever Celebrity Deadpool Trade Period. Joe and Troy go through their current lists and announce the trades. Who will be leaving? Who are the new additions? Be prepared for shocks, surprises and lots of silly fun!

#139 Post Vera Era

A pigeon, a turbo chook, a roo, and an owl TRY to cross the road. We’ve found a Stargate. How cool are Cambodian temples. Golf and beer are a perfect match. We say goodbye to The Undertaker. Celebrity Deadpool takes over with two new fatalities … and a cat!

#129 Puppet Podcasting

Troy’s been roofing on the ground. Joe holds a Covid-19 birthday. Can violent films be meaningful? We say goodbye to one of The Goodies and celebrate Tim Brooke-Taylor. What shows do you remember from when you were younger? How big will Troy’s beard get in isolation?

#120 Kirk Douglas

We want Joe Mather merch! Could the SRB start MCing weddings? 1994 was a great year. How big is Chris Isaak’s head? Joe hits new heights. A haunted Elsa doll won’t let it go. Troy has a terrifying nightmare. There’s huge Celebrity Deadpool news … RIP Kirk Douglas.

#119 Plurals

How awesome is Lewis Capaldi. Plurals are driving Troy crazy. Have you tried a Native American cocktail? Enjoy Joe’s egg tips. Remember the Challenger disaster? #DP2020 news is here. And to get you feeling romantic and sexy for Valentine’s Day, Erotic Reading Roulette returns.

#118 Olympic Specialist Podcasts

Are Aussie men terrible lovers? We go back to the 70’s for the true facts and apparently it involves Troy’s parents. Joe is surprised by an awesome gift. Should we crossbreed pandas with rabbits? Troy’s camping again. Will Joe EVER catch a fish? #DP2020 is in full swing!


#116 Filthy Greek

Troy’s playing cricket and Joe found a frisbee. What gift did a Roadie buy us? There’s heaps of Celebrity Deadpool updates. Is there new Flat Earth news? Joe is shocked by Troy’s surprise admission. We wonder about wombats. It’s camping time. Thoughtful Troy is back.


#115 Celebrity Deadpool 2020

We launch the new Celebrity Deadpool game. We explain the easy rules. We’ve included a July Trade Period. We announce our 2020 lists including politicians, musicians, actors, athletes & more and we want YOU to play too by sending us your list of 20 celebrities. Go on. DO IT!