#222 Splunking

Music gets wiggly. Joe has a ball in Bothwell. Troy finds a Tassie cave. What is Splunking? 2021 Celebrity Deadpool winner is announced. We celebrate Meatloaf’s crazy life. Joe gets patriotic.

#210 GILF

Camping is back so we look at the strange, the weird and the crazy types of campers. We say goodbye to the legendary Bert Newton in Celebrity Deadpool. Have you heard of the German Scout Movement? Men rise up in the USA for the Small Dong March!

#181 Long Joe Ray

Troy starts a bromance with a bathroom huntsman. Prince Philip doesn’t get to raise the bat, gone for 99. Troy’s Panther is not alive with the sound of music. The boys discuss the tough challenges of unclipping a bra and wonder if it’s time for a brand new design.

#172 Crusty Russian Bag

Will Merle make a public appearance. Celebrity Deadpool loses a famous tradie. How many millions does it cost to travel into space? Horror movie take a wrong turn. Troy is nearly toast after a near death experience. Joe’s South American News gets a little raunchy.

#171 Deadpool 2021

Ryan Reynolds is the only person more excited than us this week as we kick off Celebrity Deadpool 2021 and present our newly revised crazy lists to the world. Also, an old friend does something unexpected for Joe and the silliness of the student diary returns


#170 Resistance in Fruit Aisle

We get nerdy and “cling on” to Star Trek with the Borg and Wil Wheaton. Joe discovers a favourite 80s movie is more rude than he realised. We delve back into the student diary and Joe’s teenage years. Celebrity Deadpool 2021 is here and it wants YOU!