Welcome to the South Road Boys

16 houses separated them from the start

Nothing gunna tear these kids apart

Playing arcade games at the corner store

Two young lads just dreaming of more

Now they’re all grown up

and playing with big boy’s toys

But in their heart of hearts

They’re just South Road boys

#291 Bitches to Witches

We have major ginger ratio issues for our upcoming Live Show. Troy gets excited about the Michael Block story. LIV Golf – Awesome or Not? Joe’s joke book returns and we’re hesitantly excited. Troy has a sequel idea for the ‘Cocaine Bear’ movie. Is ‘Halloween Ends’ scarily bad?

#290 Universal Milking

Troy’s forecasting a holiday disaster. Who knew modern day Fairy Farming was so hilarious. Why have aliens stopped making crop circles? We visit the Edge of the World. Joe proves again that he’s the man in our relationship. A car is lifted to the heavens.

#288 Blind Justice

Jerry loses his Spring.  Why doesn’t the ‘Love is Blind’ show have any blind people? Is ‘Blind Justice’ the best thing you’ve never seen? Joe plays a game that makes Troy MAD! Is Joe’s new segment any good? Which redhead has bedded 1000 women?

#284 All The Time…

Troy says something… all the time. An online witch-hunt gets out of control. We’ve found the way to stop unwanted d**k pics. Troy gets super ranty thanks to the Maccas drive thru. Is KFC too easy? Have you watched Good Will Hunting?

#283 Swords

Is Synchronised Swimming a female only sport? We love swords so much we even say the word correctly. Joe cuts socks off a Groom… true story! A Western Australian woman isn’t happy with her chicken salt. The USA rental market gets crazy!

#277 Air Wolf

Troy turns 50. What’s the go with the UFOs in the USA? Lightning hits Jesus… AGAIN! We have important tips for starting your own Cult. Troy finally understands why people have children. Should kids have phones at school? Joe has a Coke problem!

#276 Living With The Mathers

Troy gives Joe some shocking news. An ABC reporter gets on the wrong side of Joe. We create the best idea ever for a brand new reality tv sitcom with famous guest stars and a brilliant catchphrase. Troy embraces his inner Scottish Braveheart!

#274 Larry

Troy hates needles and heights… Now we find out what Joe doesn’t like and it’s making him toey. The Apple vs Android argument is back! The boys look at classic computer games that haven’t been made into a movie or a tv series… including the crazy Leisure Suit Larry!

#273 Hidden Gem

The Camping Gods give Troy the best spot ever! Joe also goes camping but not where you’d expect. Google tries to risk Troy’s life. A coastal “hidden gem” town would like to ban tourists. Should kids under 10 be watching an M-rated horror movie?

#268 No Tent Here

Depp Vs Heard is back for more. Does Joe need an image update? Can you punch annoying kids at Legoland? Troy throws hate on Ghost Campers. There’s a dumb Bob Irwin headline. Punk turns to junk. Wimbledon gets Rogered. Is it time to get the boobs out?

#267 Cello Cello

Welcome to extreme slot car racing. A Roadie is writing Erotic Fiction for our live show. Is Russia changing its tune? Joe rages out over a media assumption. Is being pretty a bad thing? There’s shocking surnames. We come up with an insane Buffy idea.

#266 Back In Time

The famous gay bar quiz is back. We review the reviews of gay bars. Schoolies is in the news but for a strange reason. Troy finds out that Joe knows more about the TV series Mother and Son than the average Australian. Next Live Show is on 22nd Dec.

#265 Fact Check

400m championship runner fails to keep it in his shorts. A woman dates a rag doll and he cheats on her! Twitter tick causes mayhem. World Cup begins in Qatar with a Budweiser ban. Troy’s angry that Neighbours is coming back. Chinese man runs marathons while chain smoking.

#264 Merman

Joe’s violently attacked in his own home! Will Twitter be the worst investment in history? Someone just won 3 billion dollars. Joe gets a Grade 6 reality check. Nudity makes a Splash on Disney+. There’s something fishy on OnlyFans and and lessons are learned

#263 Poo Monster

Are you a “No Nut November” contender? Troy discovers the legend of the Poo Monster. Is toilet advertising the answer? There’s brand new “Wetsuit Weeing” etiquette. Sometimes bigger is definitely not better. Lions escape and Birds break records!

#262 Michael

Troy fails horribly at accents. Does the world need some new blind musicians? If a radio announcer dies on air do you keep broadcasting? Could you go for years without washing yourself? A snake gets uber hungry and there’s a bridge over troubled water.

#261 Lick Your Phone

Do you Tinder on the toilet? Would you lick your phone screen? We apologise for the Squid Snatch Live Show catastrophe. Is after break up sex a good or bad thing? Tom Cruises into space for his new movie. Joe thinks Heidi Klum deserves some love.

#260 Spooktacular LIVE

We record in front of a LIVE audience with a Halloween theme. South American news gets weird. There’s 5 Things That Sh!t Me (about horror movies). Count how many horror movie titles Thoughtful Troy mentions. And prepare for the strangest Erotic Reading Roulette ever!

#256 Operation London Bridge

We are unofficially the Official Podcast of the Queen’s funeral. Join us as we ask all the important questions – what’s written on the secret note? Who is the evil nemesis with the eye patch? Will someone try to steal the crown? What happened to Will’s hair?

#255 Nightwatchman

Why don’t Facebook post when you break-up, not when you start a r/ship? Joe’s Russian to admit he’s wrong. Math is bigger than sex in Amsterdam. Twins get weird. Did the royal family “Weekend at Bernie” the Queen? How will they go with Charles in Charge?

#254 Structural Integrity

Is Thanos a great kid’s name? Wasn’t Genghis Khan a fun guy. A female fighter flashes the crowd. Russian businessmen are accidently dying. Joe has a cold camping trip. Why is undressing so damn difficult? We are inventing a brand new bra design to change the world!

#221 Erotic Reading Roulette Part 11

The famous Erotic Reading Roulette returns and we’re going deep back inside ‘Burning Urges’, a book chock full of Australia’s Sexual Fantasies. We try to make it as sexy as we can…. if that gets you across the line then seek help now!

#208 Ray Moustacheio Jr.

Joe’s beard is gone and the moustache unmasking is here! The world goes crazy over Superman being bisexual. Troy nerds out over the new Batman movie trailer. A man reads 27,000 comics in 5 years. A gaming girl earns millions on social media platforms.

#207 Woggles for Days

Joe’s Cuboree trip raises questions… Are Cubs a Cult? How crazy can 500 Cubs get? Do Cubs dig 70s rock? Is popcorn a codeword? Did Joe survive the swag? Are Cubs crap at kayaking? Plus a Beard update, the Diary, a Halloween movie petition and Ryan Reynolds.

#202 Goalball

We do an update on Joe’s beard and then get sporty again this week and commentate on the Paralympics. It’s the women’s Goalball final. WTF is Goalball? It’s a sport we’ve never heard of, never seen, and the competitors all look like Batman. LET’S GO!!

Click HERE to watch along

#198 Near Your Woggle

Has Troy derailed Joe’s future? We have Drop Bear avoidance tips. Would you drink non-alcoholic gin? Are we the official podcast of the Olympics? Joe’s diary is back with a vengeance. We discover a horrific jet ski anal incident. A man finds WHAT under his house?

#197 The Discus Final

We go for gold and commentate on the Men’s Olympic Discus Final in Tokyo. We know zero about the sport and the disc chuckers have names like WhyIsHeANinja, Ice-Cream Denny and Godzilla. We’ve stretched and we’re ready. What could possibly go wrong here?

Click HERE to watch along with the South Road Boys 

#194 We only know, what we know

We try to make the podcast gooder. Troy has three big issues with The Empire Strikes Back movie. Disneyworld has gator problems and gets a bit shirty. Black Panther returns from the dead. The school diary catchup continues. We send a virgin in space.

#188 Nutting Hill

Troy takes a stand against Notting Hill… the train wreck of a movie starring floppy‐haired Hugh as the nice guy and Eric’s sister, Julia as the evil temptress! #CancelNottingHill Joe’s diary returns with some surprises. Why isn’t Tunbridge in Tassie a tourist attraction?

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#186 Erotic Reading Roulette Part 10

For new listeners thinking WTF is Erotic Reading Roulette, here’s the deal. We take turns reading Erotic Chick Lit (yep the rude naughty stuff) but every page is chosen randomly with no order so it’s complete chaos! Justin, we’re definitely not bringing sexy back!

#185 Upside Down Happy Time

We start silly with Summer Of ‘69, the Upside Down Happy Time TV show, and kinky elderly folk. Joe’s extraordinary diary returns. A song and Tasmanian history proves Troy is a complete numpty. Do you wear mittens during sexy time? China has a littering problem.

#182 InCOVID

Joe gets a little bit fast and Troy gets a little bit furious. Secrets are revealed in the diary. Is there a third South Road Boy? Joe gets a bit shirty with friends. The boys get Siri-ous. Troy’s going overseas. A Chinese family adopts a brand new approach to getting married.

#181 Long Joe Ray

Troy starts a bromance with a bathroom huntsman. Prince Philip doesn’t get to raise the bat, gone for 99. Troy’s Panther is not alive with the sound of music. The boys discuss the tough challenges of unclipping a bra and wonder if it’s time for a brand new design.

#175 Pells of Wisdom

March delivers us a new offering from Joe’s 1990 Student diary,  We have more fishing news from Joe and his son, Thoughtful Troy makes a return and tells a cautionary tale, The boys discuss a new TV show “Pells of Wisdom” (Starring Schapelle Corby and George Pell)


#172 Crusty Russian Bag

Will Merle make a public appearance. Celebrity Deadpool loses a famous tradie. How many millions does it cost to travel into space? Horror movie take a wrong turn. Troy is nearly toast after a near death experience. Joe’s South American News gets a little raunchy.

#170 Resistance in Fruit Aisle

We get nerdy and “cling on” to Star Trek with the Borg and Wil Wheaton. Joe discovers a favourite 80s movie is more rude than he realised. We delve back into the student diary and Joe’s teenage years. Celebrity Deadpool 2021 is here and it wants YOU!

#168 Another Big Hint

Trump conspiracies thrive. What’s in the damn envelope that Joe waited 19 years for? The Celebrity Deadpool winner is announced along with three surprise deaths. Troy packs up his waterlogged swag and presents ‘Five Things That Sh!t me… about Camping!’

#167 Erotic Reading Roulette Part 9

The famous Erotic Reading Roulette returns and we’re reading ‘Burning Urges’ again, a book of Australia’s Sexual Fantasies. When we throw silly voices at these sordid tales you’ll soon know the difference between horny and corny. PS…  It gets a wee bit sweary!

#165 Erotic Reading Roulette Part 8

The silliest thing we do is back. We take turns reading random pages of an Erotic Chick Lit novel. We know nothing of the book, nothing of the characters, and we’re definitely not sexy. Join us reading “The Mister” by E.L James, author of the 50 Shades trilogy.

#162 The Six Four Split

We nerd out over Star Trek Discovery. Troy invests more money into footy cards and it gets silly. Would you eat steak made from cells from your own body? Have you tried Black Pudding? What is a Capybara? There’s Maradona morgue mayhem. Is it Xmas time?

#160 Guns & Haberdashery

South Road Cow-Boys enter the wild west. Joe’s t-shirt sparks interest. Allen’s lollies cause controversy with name changes, serial killers and conspiracies. What crazy sh*t would you do as an outgoing president? Don’t miss the funniest final 5 minutes EVER!!

#158 Wing and a Prayer

Safe sex kicks us off. Joe gets a bit woke. Troy goes camping and earns a sunburn. We look at the industrial history of Burnie, Tasmania. Remember The Greatest American Hero tv show? Sean Connery, the original James Bond, leaves us. It’s US election time!!

#152 Send Helen’s

There’s American travels and Joe’s Pebble Beach golf course story. Troy goes to St Helens and cracks a windscreen, visits mountain bike trails, falls off the bike and gets super bloody. There’s some BIG Celebrity Deadpool News as Ruth Bader Ginsburg leaves us.

#148 Classic Chocolate

We get to know Lewis Capaldi’s awesome dad. What book/movie has Joe never finished? What’s your fave drunken sing-along song? The world is ending… again! Syphilis makes a comeback. You will not believe the Chocolate Ice Cream travesty we’ve discovered!!

#147 Erotic Reading Roulette Part 7

It’s more ridiculous than raunchy but Erotic Reading Roulette is back. We take turns reading Burning Urges, a book of Australia’s Sexual Fantasies. Strap on… sorry… Strap in for adult content told with silly voices, lots of laughs and totally unexpected outcomes.

#142 Erotic Reading Roulette Part 6

Light a candle, relax, and join us as we bring sexy back and return to the original 50 Shades of Grey. If you haven’t heard Erotic Reading Roulette before then expect the opposite of sexy. The pages are random, the reading is silly, the journey is unforgettable.

#140 Deadpool Trade Period

The big moment has arrived. Welcome to the first ever Celebrity Deadpool Trade Period. Joe and Troy go through their current lists and announce the trades. Who will be leaving? Who are the new additions? Be prepared for shocks, surprises and lots of silly fun!

#135 Social Distancing Darryl

Who cleans the satellites in orbit? Vader nearly wasn’t Luke’s father. What would you change if you could time travel. Did you know Sex dolls love sport. Have we solved the problem of no football crowds. Is Darryl the answer to all the world’s problems.

#132 Stag for Men

Would you prefer to be a Disney or a Hefner? We want a South Road Boys animated series. A mountain of a man lifts 501 kilos. Troy sorts through his comic and cassette collections. We have some Iso songs. Poo is back! Troy shares 3 favourite fun quotes. Have aliens arrived?

#130 Shareflix

If Troy was gay would he take a side. Can we trust the government. It’s 420 day. Will China take Australia’s virgin? A plane lands on a Canadian highway. We want more in Isolation from Netflix so we’ve come up with Shareflix – and it’s amazing. Joe’s hands nearly made him famous.

#129 Puppet Podcasting

Troy’s been roofing on the ground. Joe holds a Covid-19 birthday. Can violent films be meaningful? We say goodbye to one of The Goodies and celebrate Tim Brooke-Taylor. What shows do you remember from when you were younger? How big will Troy’s beard get in isolation?

#128 Social Distancing Dad

We’re Covid-19 Skype-Casting. How’s your isolation going? We’re all doing things differently for now. Is social media driving you nuts? Has Trump got it right or wrong? Should Billy Ray Cyrus become a wrestler? Do you know how many spin-offs came from Happy Days?

#127 Erotic Reading Roulette Part 5

Erotic Reading Roulette is back! It’s a fan favourite and silly fun. We take turns reading pages of “Fifty Shades Darker” in no particular order with little knowledge of the story. It’s not sexy and it’s utterly ridiculous. Light a candle and grab a really strong drink … you’ll need it.

#126 Solving World Sports

How awesome are old B Grade horror movies. The USA discovers AFL. Will social distancing sport be the next big thing. We say goodbye to Kenny Rogers in Celebrity Deadpool 2020. We hope terrorists don’t take out Kleenex. What’s your favourite new way to greet people now.

#124 We Need A Country

Indiana Jones news will shock you. Our Facebook post is more viral than the coronavirus. We want to take over Serbia and have our own South Road Boys country. Troy helps a stranger. There’s a new Celebrity Deadpool leader.  Thoughtful Troy flu in with some advice


#122 Nuts McGee

We finally saw the Space Station. Could we make the first podcast from space? A Flat-Earther crashes to Earth. Troy reveals his agonising Whitesnake tale. A South Road Boy does Sydney. Have you ever “boob dialed” anyone? Did Bravehearts’s William Wallace need a bumbag?

#121 Skynet

Have you seen the Space Station? Troy gets excited about Whitesnake. Joe holds a wedding and screws up that same wedding. Who the hell is Zac Jones? It’s time to be kind. Has Celebrity Deadpool changed Joe. Skynet is here for real and China is watching everything and everyone.

#120 Kirk Douglas

We want Joe Mather merch! Could the SRB start MCing weddings? 1994 was a great year. How big is Chris Isaak’s head? Joe hits new heights. A haunted Elsa doll won’t let it go. Troy has a terrifying nightmare. There’s huge Celebrity Deadpool news … RIP Kirk Douglas.

#119 Plurals

How awesome is Lewis Capaldi. Plurals are driving Troy crazy. Have you tried a Native American cocktail? Enjoy Joe’s egg tips. Remember the Challenger disaster? #DP2020 news is here. And to get you feeling romantic and sexy for Valentine’s Day, Erotic Reading Roulette returns.

#118 Olympic Specialist Podcasts

Are Aussie men terrible lovers? We go back to the 70’s for the true facts and apparently it involves Troy’s parents. Joe is surprised by an awesome gift. Should we crossbreed pandas with rabbits? Troy’s camping again. Will Joe EVER catch a fish? #DP2020 is in full swing!


#116 Filthy Greek

Troy’s playing cricket and Joe found a frisbee. What gift did a Roadie buy us? There’s heaps of Celebrity Deadpool updates. Is there new Flat Earth news? Joe is shocked by Troy’s surprise admission. We wonder about wombats. It’s camping time. Thoughtful Troy is back.


#115 Celebrity Deadpool 2020

We launch the new Celebrity Deadpool game. We explain the easy rules. We’ve included a July Trade Period. We announce our 2020 lists including politicians, musicians, actors, athletes & more and we want YOU to play too by sending us your list of 20 celebrities. Go on. DO IT!

#114 B.I.N.G.O

We want to be the Prime Minister’s new publicity team. Will the SRB become a worldwide franchise? Celebrity Deadpool 2020 is coming. Joe discusses tricky toilets, car camping, John Farnham, Lewis Capaldi, crowd surfing & festival games. Thoughtful Troy gives hands on advice.

#113 One More Dead

Celebrity Deadpool is coming to a controversial end. Do politicians suck? Is the Agenda 21 conspiracy real? Sheep mentality is actually good for us. Are the royals outdated? A man starts growing boobs. We want more female horror icons. Buffy’s awesome and now in HiDef.

#112 Christmas Special

We want a Harpist. Joe’s wife is a snake tamer. Is Stevie Wonder faking his blindness? The Ginger Factory doesn’t make gingers. Joe has a unique Xmas gift list. What’s your fave gift? Discover the legend of Ivan Barnes. We end spicy with Erotic “Christmas” Reading Roulette.

#111 Slow Moving Blob

Remember Clash of the Titans? The Olsen twins have a sister. Bike Boy is back and very unfit. Are audio cables sexist? We challenge a major Christmas Parade conspiracy. How many Carols actually sing Carols? An unknown blob attacks the USA. Are puppets cool – Yay or Nah?

#110 Bamboo Droop

Have you watched The Irishman. Is Carrot Top bad for redheads. Are people more interested in being alarmed than about what’s actually alarming them. What’s Black Friday really about. Can we save Pandas before it’s too late. Just how much does Joe love Dolly Parton?

#109 Pig Fish

Troy discovers the Bubble Master. Miss Piggy offends. Dolly Parton’s sheep is cool. Is Joe the world’s worst fishing Dad? Stop using speakerphone in public. The Poo Museum is here. Would you stay in a room with webcams installed? Thoughtful Troy’s invited to a wedding.

#108 Ash Barnes

Are the parents of the South Road Boys organising a podcast intervention? The boys review the U2 Australian tour. Ever spent forever at an airport? We discover strange things you can you do with your ashes. Troy has a slightly sexy, yet ridiculously crazy idea for his.

#107 Adult Disneyland

Troy goes to Sexpo and Joe asks the big questions. Did you get a sex doll? Did you buy a cage? What wonderfully weird things did you find? Did you get a new tattoo? Did you meet your pornstar crush, Janice Griffith? What’s in the Sexpo showbag? And Thoughtful Troy returns.

#106 Click Bait

There’s Whitesnake news. Troy’s going to meet his pornstar crush at Sexpo. Joe shocks Troy and secretly joins a gang. Where’s the “Chk Chk Boom” girl now? Will a floating hotel start a nuclear war in both of the Korea’s? Troy has a rant about ridiculously crazy click bait websites.

#105 Really Dark Web

We start with nude cricket and Michael Bolton. Troy loses his mind over Whitesnake. Have we found proof of aliens on the dark web? Naked running ends badly. How smart are smart watches? Troy turns into Rocky. Imagine living for 123 years. Joyfull Joe adds some wisdom.

#104 Not Special, Halloween Special

BOO! Panda Wear is here. There’s circumcision reversal. Troy searches for a mysterious after party. Joe’s a terrorist suspect. There’s finally “5 Things That Shit Me” … from Joe. Enjoy Troy’s Halloween kill count. Joe thought about killing Troy. Joe remembers scaring imaginary people.

#103 Erotic Reading Roulette Part 4

It’s erotic. It’s sexy. It’s hot. But when we read it it’s none of those things! South Road Boys presents a new episode of Erotic Reading Roulette. This time we read random steamy pages of Haven of Obedience. Prepare for erotic ridiculousness … South Road Boys style

#101 Zero Alcohol

A hacker has a sex video of Joe and demands big money! Spider-Man’s back with Disney. Are Second World Problems real? Joe has an iPhone tragedy. Will Xbox make Sex Robots? Joe drinks a non-alcoholic beer. Would you let your kids drink it? Would you drive while drinking it?

#100 Live on the Lounge

It’s our 100th Episode and our first ever live audience! Celebrity Deadpool is reviewed. We have a Joke Off! Troy recalls fave moments. We read celebrity telegrams. There’s 5 Things That Shit Me. Wise souls give advice. Joe does a quiz. Hilarious Erotic Reading Roulette returns!!

#099 Dip and Squirt

Don’t tamper with your Willie. A magpie takes out a pensioner. The Queen takes one for the team. Woman wakes with a new language. Patient zero isn’t a hero. We get serious about depression and Troy shares a tough personal moment. Joe has another romantic movie fail.

#098 Pre-Claws

There’s creepy bear tales. Things get theatrical. The KFC pie is here. Do you have Facebook friend crushes? We remember 1995. We love the USA. We review a mystery movie. A gardener is mulched. Area 51 festival is coming. A vegan meats trouble. There’s a Thoughtful finale.

#097 Burnie Man

Burning Man is old news. We present Burnie Man! Joe recalls being an athlete. We roast penguins. A barracuda wrecks Kevin Hart. Coke addiction is real. Supermarket worker impresses Troy. Happy Father’s Day. There’s property purchasing tips. We remember the King family.

#096 Get About The Sprout

Are you ready for the awesomeness of Brussel Sprouts? Sprouts are sexier, tastier and more hilarious than ever before with Van Damme, Hugh Jackman and Russell Brand on board. We discuss weird fetishes. Joe loses a pussy and is locked in a Loo. Thoughtful Troy sees the truth.

#095 Thailand Tales

Troy’s back from Thailand with stories of beer conspiracies, massages, picking on the poms, pool peeing, the drinks genie, ball bashing, Rambo, squirting toilets, and escaping the Thailand Police. Joe’s found an albino panda. And Thoughtful Troy discovers martial arts.

#094 Erotic Reading Roulette

Like your podcast hot and raunchy? The South Road Boys do the unexpected and read 50 Shades of Grey. We randomly choose pages and discover total ridiculousness. What can possibly go wrong when two childish men in their 40s read erotic chick lit for the first time?

#093 Erotic Reading Roulette pt 1

This week Troy and Joe spice things up with a reading of 50 shades of grey, unfortunately Joe screwed up and the audio is now joined the other “missing tapes” but keep your ear out for part 2

#092 In Search of Ronald

Please Joe, stop singing. Troy has a near death experience. We want to remake He-Man and make it awesome. Joe’s son strikes gold. A hearse driver is a bit stiff. A clown starts a buffet brawl. Where is Ronald McDonald? We want to buy Snowtown and turn it into McDonaldland.

#091 Smurfs were the Smurf

Avengers beats Avatar. How kinky are Smurfs? We love Parodies. Joe tells his JuicePigs story. Troy goes Wombat hunting. “5 Things That Shit Me” is BACK with Competitions, Toilet Duck, Unicorns, Tourists & Coles Minis. What did you collect as a kid? We end with unmissable advice

#090 South Road Baker

We add some sexy to the podcast. Joe recalls his TV marriage and then gets into some hot water. A baker steals our SRB name! Could Troy beat his Dad in a fight. Heavy Metal knitting is here. Joe once lost a bet and went blonde. Are you storming Area 51? Thoughtful Troy returns.

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#086 Moist Lamington

Troy buys a guitar, writes a song, sends it to Joe. We consider releasing an album. We plan a world tour. We discuss our tour demands. Should movie reviews be banned? We take over the internet. Joe has a rant. There’s chicken coated in gold. Thoughtful Troy’s in a state of Nirvana.

#085 Bread Bread Cheese Cheese

Joe’s bringing Bum Bags back. We decipher crazy Portuguese sayings. We defend South Road. Joe recalls the bird in the mower story. NASA is hunting asteroids. Remember slot car racing? Girls bf sleeps with her Mum. Joe has a tennis rant. Would you worship Thor and Odin?

#084 Man Shroud

Hangovers aren’t fun. We remember famous cats in movies. Alien is 40 years old. Joe plays a new game called What’s in the Box. Every man needs a Man Shroud. Joe goes down memory lane. There’s Instagram fails and  a streaker. Thoughtful Troy gives Clive Palmer love advice.

#082 Put out your Medicare card

Joe’s been naughty. G.O.T ends. Troy hates online petitions. RIP Grumpy Cat. RIP Bob Hawke, but thanks for dying. UK Man eaten by a chair. Arnie’s back … is kicked. Sussan stores hit a gender nerve. Naked man takes his dead wife for a drive. Thoughtful Troy goes up a level.  

#081 Small Wins

Joe’s winning at life. An old man gets mobile. Golfers wife is a bit hit. Woman attacks man with a stiletto. Will genetic modification end civilization? The Footy Show leaves us. Joe has a ginge whinge. The last fake G.O.T spoilers are here. Thoughtful Troy tackles a hard topic.

#080 Kate was right … Again!

Troy discovers Spotlight … and cushions. Joe has floppy pussy problems. RIP Chewbacca. There’s a rich Baby on Board. The Sax Man from The Lost Boys is back! Vegans cause a blackout. A plague hits a plane. Joe has a tiny G.O.T fake spoiler. And Thoughtful Troy is on fire.

#079 Troy Tryouts

Population control heats up. Is whaling bad? Troy nearly dies in this podcast. Woman finds fortune in a piano. Flat Earthers plan a cruise. Woman wakes from 28 year coma. Protester glues boobs to the road. 5 Things That Shit Me is back! There’s an incredible G.O.T fake spoiler!

#078 Fairway Freddie

Podcasting saved my life. There’s the St Helens conspiracy. Joe hates team songs that lie but loves a movie quiz. Have you seen Sharknado? Do we hide behind Emojis? Testicle gets stuck in a chair. Thailand fights back. Coins and plane engines don’t mix. Fake G.O.T spoilers.

#076 The Shiv

A wrestler gets wrestled. A gymnast breaks a leg, and her other leg. Guy dumps his gf to play C.O.D. Avengers hype is high. We discuss toilets of the world. Lions eat on a poacher. Joe loves a good jailbreak. Troy tells the bird in the pussy tale. Thoughtful Troy talks Flat Earthers

#075 Troy You Were Right

We say #SorryNotSorry. Would you attend Fake Funerals? There’s Herpes in space! Should X-men be called X-People? Joe survives his first chainsaw. Women’s AFL is kicking goals. Are days numbered for Online Trolls? Thoughtful Troy addresses a serious Zombie issue.

#073 The John Edwards Medal

We launch the Celebrity Deadpool challenge. Joe tells his embarrassing story. American Airlines gets under our skin. Woman forgets her baby. Samuel L Jackson is angry. Egg Boy gets smashed. Troy has Unicorn confusion. Would you wear dead skin in a pendant?

#072 Thoughtful Troy Pantomime

Remember the days of CDs and VHS movies? Nicholas Cage gets some love. Captain Marvel is marvellous. Is Joe the voice of the people? Men, it’s time to man up! Snoring leads to violence. Download Festival rocks! There’s unreal animal tales. And Thoughtful Troy gets creative.

#071 The $30 Poo

Shit title … great episode! Stop giving kids dumb names. If you shared Momo, you caused Momo. How do you have a $30 poo? Parrot tells rescuer to f##k off! Cricketers tamper each other. 1989 songs turn 30. A whale appears in the jungle. Spider bites work better than Viagra.

#070 Flight Artism

Troy takes a Tassie road trip. Breakdancing comes to the Olympics. Pilots create sky art. Why isn’t Captain Marvel marvellous? Did you know the “I don’t like Mondays” song is about a massacre? We take aim at gun accidents. There’s a roving tattoo fail. Joe adds some Joy.

#069 Sex Facts … maybe

Is 69 always naughty? A new Ghostbusters is coming. There’s amusing sex facts. Sex Robots can be hacked and turn violent. A husband drives over his wife. A bride gets angry. Are Sugar Daddy’s bad? Lottery winner wears a scream mask. Thoughtful Troy gives us a happy ending.

#068 Half Naked

Troy shocks Joe and podcasts NAKED! Nude cleaning hits the UK. We create a Mars Rover film trilogy. A woman is eaten by pigs. Polar Bears invade. Russia turns off the internet. Severed feet are washing up on Canadian shores. We end with a Naked Edition of Thoughtful Troy.

#067 Japanese BBQ Finger

We try out Facebook Live. A Batman creature is spotted. Joe swears at his Mum. There’s an elderly fight club. Is James Bond a cab driver? Joe has Bingo lingo. What’s a huntsman milker? Drones need to be registered. Are cyclists really evil? Ariana Grande has a BIG  tattoo fail.

#066 CSI Bondi 1935

It’s a BIG week. There’s a didgeridoo drinker. Gillian Anderson’s not sexy! Polly Waffle’s are back. We talk 1960s KFC prices & Slippery slides. Someone forgot where they parked their plane. A shark vomits up a human arm in 1935. Thoughtful Troy brings some wisdom.

#065 A Pod of Casters

Troy invents fake collective nouns. Joe offends Spinsters. Squirrels invade Oz. Joe has an emergency. Evie takes an axe to a 7-Eleven. Drugs are really bad. Banana breaks world record. Is Joe an athlete? There’s kamikaze frogs & KFC candles. Thoughtful Troy returns.

#063 Farewell Skype

Dating App photos are deceptive. WWE’s “Mean Gene” died. We remember Dr Hook. A wrestler uses a tampon to win. Joe beats a parking fine. A mum drives with child on the roof. The Bird Box challenge is crazy, so we invent new challenges. We say farewell to Skype!!

#061 On Tape

We have 2018’s top Google searches. Troy gets serious about suicide and wants our approach to change. Russia lies about robots. Amazon’s listening. Burglar sleeps with a corpse. Man finds Father’s skeleton 50 years later. A son finds his Dad’s ghost in his Xbox. We finish with Joy.

#060 Merry Roadie Day

It’s our Christmas Spectacular! We’re big in Sweden. Joe’s the king of seduction. Bills are bad. We re-brand Xmas and “12 Things That Shit Me About Xmas” is back with Pet Costumes, Sweaters, Mistletoe, Mariah Carey, Fake Happy People, Xmas Trees, Mrs Clause and more.

#058 Bang for your Buddy

Mundine is mundane. YouPorn bans Starbucks. We launch the crazy #Bang4YourBuddy. Would you call your child Abcde? Tassie pilot falls asleep. Guy shoots himself in the groin. Russian woman falls for a fake Chris Hemsworth … and Thoughtful Troy is worth the weight.

#057 Conversions Start Riots

OMG it’s baby miniature goats! A silly man is speared to death. Black Friday is crazy. The French are rioting so we list our own awesome reasons to riot in Australia, from MCG food prices to Bunnings sausage rule changes. And Thoughtful Troy brings the wisdom.

#056 Fifty Shades of Weather

The weather gets sexy. There’s ridiculously real porn star names. Did one man ruin porn? Has Mum ever caught you with it? We celebrate the sensational life of Stan Lee. Joe gets weird. Troy turns into a Russian. There’s a HUGE car crash! Local Lifesaver wins national award.

#054 Naked Mole Rat

It’s Melbourne Cup time with silly horse names. The Jimmy Barnes life story is emotional. There’s weird animal sex facts like exploding genitals, sex-crazed dolphins, dumb pandas & sperm saving snakes! A Farmer breaks his neck. And a woman survives falling from a plane!

#052 The Skipping Dead

It’s Halloween Special time with – Honest Obituaries, Horror Movie Remakes & Cliches, Phobias, Sexy Witches, Horrific Photo Shoots, Real Life Exorcists from the Vatican, Alien DNA found in New York, Escaping Death by Skipping, and how to avoid Halloween Thoughtfully.

#051 Dan Saunders Night

Joe buys some … ducks? A stranger climbs into Troy’s car. The new female Dr Who is awesome. Troy can’t forget about Gene Wilder. A boxer knocks out a mascot. Dan Saunders finds a  bank account of free money. And there’s dinosaurs, vegans, and the Irish!

#048 Only Offensive If You Let It

Our Home Town is world news. Footy players do weird stuff. Fun Punctuation fails. Wanna buy a Sex ride? Increase your hotness. “5 Things That Shit Me” is back with Apple Crumble, Late Night Weeing, Crap Drivers, Flies, & Boney Elbows. Thoughtful Troy gets crusty.


#045 Rogue Sheep

Joe goes knowledge crazy. There’s silly Star Wars Sheep Puns. Troy hates heights. Dead Fish get new eyes. Sex Robots are back. A Sex Doll Brothel opens. AI’s getting too real. Careful what you name your kids. Twins marry Twins. And Thoughtful Troy is back with … lemons?